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This is a small place of friendos. Welcome to shangri-la.cloud!

For now shangri-la.cloud will use the mastodon.social code of conduct until we have reason to do something different. (https://mastodon.social/about/more#in-depth)

Bots are ok if the content quality to quantity ratio is high enough (Feel free to ask if you're interested in registering a bot).

This server is self-hosted, I cannot guarantee indefinite operation, nor constant up-time (During certain times of the year I get power outages). I take security seriously, though am not a professional sys admin or whatever. If you have concerns about any of this, feel free to ask me about it. If this doesn't sound right for you, you may consider finding a larger instance to make home.

This instance is moderated and we will de-federate with other instances as necessary.