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I don't really actively play fortnite but they added Raven from Teen Titans at battle pass level 77 and I want the skin.

I'm sad, doubt I will make it to that level. Still tempted to start playing this season and try.

That's how they get ya...

The sensation of scooping baking powder makes me shudder. Making chocolate chip muffins.

I'm out of coffee, fuck. Managed to scrounge up half a cups worth of caffeinated beans tho

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they say cats are anarchists but mine will not shut up about Mao

my impulse to argue with strangers on the internet is itching, must resist.

Shangri-La denizens: How do you want me to moderate this place? 

So I've been wondering how to moderate the federated timeline. Every now and then I see something there that is not cw'd that I don't really want to see. Normally on birdsite I would just mute the person (as in, user mute, not admin related), but here I'm paranoid about muting someone and then not being able to see what they post if they are posting stuff that warrants action.

I feel like one course of action could be for me (and other users who may not like certain content) to mute the user and leave unpleasant content on the timeline.

If there is stuff that does psychic damage on the federated TL, do you actually mute it? If there's stuff that violates the rules (which I'd like to define further at some point), or in general is abusive, illegal, etc, would you actually report it so I can take action if I don't see it?

I'm trying to feel out if we want an instance that is more heavily moderated to make a timeline that is less aggro by default (not that I feel our TL is aggro), or keep my biases out of it and let users use the tools available to curate their experiences. For what it's worth, I think the strongest action taken in any mild moderation case would be silencing a user from TL, so the people following still see content in home, just not on federated TL. This way anyone is free to consume the content they want, it is just not advertised on the federated TL.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Sorry about the , power was off in my building for most of the day.

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spent half an hour trying to get the HMD to be detected my steamVR. The link box has orange highlighted ports on one side, and not the other. I had inputs/outputs reversed.

VR makes me feel so dumb lol.

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my dumb ass just found out the HTV vive has lens distance knobs on it. They were not adjusted evenly. Explains why I find VR so uncomfortable lmao.

Ok so I disabled elasticsearch until I have time to figure out why it eats all shangri-la's memory.

You won't be able to search text in your toots. Hashtags and stuff should still work though.

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And we're back. Sorry for the , seems like server was in trouble for a few hours this morning.

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