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Sorry about the , power was off in my building for most of the day.

spent half an hour trying to get the HMD to be detected my steamVR. The link box has orange highlighted ports on one side, and not the other. I had inputs/outputs reversed.

VR makes me feel so dumb lol.

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my dumb ass just found out the HTV vive has lens distance knobs on it. They were not adjusted evenly. Explains why I find VR so uncomfortable lmao.

Ok so I disabled elasticsearch until I have time to figure out why it eats all shangri-la's memory.

You won't be able to search text in your toots. Hashtags and stuff should still work though.

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And we're back. Sorry for the , seems like server was in trouble for a few hours this morning.

I'm incredibly excited to announce that Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game now has a public quickstart available for free!! Check this thread for more info!!

cw body horror, but like, really fucking cool and good body horror

I'm on depop and they have a "style edit" which is what the algorithm thinks I would like.

Of the 27 garments, 9 of them are Scooby-Doo related.

I'm not sure why... but I think they really want me to buy some Scooby-Doo merch.

so I downloaded Godot and opened the platformer 2D example project, let me say the music in this game is a real banger.

I'm trying to figure out what song it is lol

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