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damn I got my coffee and there's a sad amount of snow outside (but a bit of snow nonetheless!), and Shibayan is hitting really good this morning.

I'm sleepy today 😪 Coffee machine give coffee now plz

Has anyone played the crystal chronicles remaster on switch?

I remember enjoying it, maybe I'll play it.

There's a voice that creeps up in my head sometimes wondering if it would be a good idea to re-read because I remember nothing about it.

That also sounds like a lot, tho

Haven't made it through all these articles yet, but really liking what I've read so far. Some quality discussion going on here.

Darn I want to follow some bots, but if they post every hour, it's too frequent for my sluggish timeline lol.

cats discovered cupboards, and now I have to listen to them slamming them from the other room, and close them when they're done exploring.

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This is a small place of friendos. Welcome to!