The Atelier series's OSTs make for really good cleaning music

on a call with a robot and they tell me "just a moment" or "bear with me" in between inputs, and play a recording of typing sounds in the background, not sure if their computer is loading info or whatever or they're just wasting my time to make it feel more human but its weird

There's just so much gold and I can't just tell everyone to watch the entire series.

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I frequently find myself wanting to send someone a link to a clip of king of the hill, but when I try to find it online I find there isn't a clip of it oo youtube.

Do I need to start uploading meme-y clips of King of the Hill myself?

Specifically I want the one where Bill gives a very musical set of yeps in the Harmonaholics episode.

oh also got super hooked on Spiritfarer. If anyone needs a relaxing game this is where it's at

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I blocked an instance and made list of blocked instances viewable to logged in users at

Low key getting hooked on Atelier Sophie

I found out about The Garages from blaseball and I love it, my interest in blaseball is growing, though I have no idea how to get into it.

@zxfrmbot I'm actually glad we're still up cause I was watching a movie late last night and I watched my very excited cat stand on the power button while playing and hard reset the server and I realized I never verified this came back up ok but it must have... lol

@zxfrmbot awww thanks. I just don't want to inconvenience anyone.

There are a lot of instances that are are run more effectively than this so I want to try to do right by the people who choose to use this service anyway, even if it's not perfect. It's more fun than a solo instance for me.

So shangri-la will probably go down for about a week in mid to late May, unless I migrate to another server, which I could do but I'm busy/lazy.

Are shangri-la folks cool with a little vacation?

Anyone have any tips/tools for managing multiple discord accounts? I have way too many servers on my primary account, and I don't like the fact my identity could be so easily correlated between random servers.

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finished 5.3 story and damn 😭 😭

Shit is so good, I want to tell everyone to play shadowbringers but there's so much stuff to do before hand to get there it's a tough sell.

just need to finish catching up for patch next week

@etc597 Yeah articles and videos on social media, mostly on my Twitter feed

low key not a huge fan of needles, and I'm getting really tired of seeing needles plastered all over the place, spare me please.

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