my impulse to argue with strangers on the internet is itching, must resist.

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@max is this about the horde of angry trans women that i accidentally summoned to your federated timeline

@zxfrmbot lol yes, just one post in particular I really want to reply to.

I kinda enjoy the variety otherwise and want more people to follow more people so we get a faster timeline, but I ended up muting someone so I don't get riled up.

I think right now the timeline is mostly a reflection of who you and I follow as most users here don't have a lot of external follows.


I find myself with anxiety about following people because the timeline is so slow and I don't want to have such a significant impact on the timeline, so I hope it speeds up to the point where nobody thinks about it.

Definitely follow who you please, I just need to get in the habit of muting here.

@max i have no excuses tbh i should've checked the relative speeds

@zxfrmbot yeah I mean I don't think you need an excuse.

I think if anyone is self-policing who they follow b/c of the additional visibility the federated timeline gives, that is a flaw in the fediverse experience IMO.

I wish there was a mechanism to follow content but not have it displayed on the timeline (at least not on my behalf), but I think this is just a small instance problem.

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