Gonna start a thread talking about privacy/visibility settings and behavior in mastodon, and details of how the federation timeline pulls toots afaiu so far.

Would recommend reading the first part at least as I'd like some input on our instance's defaults. Gonna tryout cw to organize info, sorry if it sucks.


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Profile Directory + You 2/?... 

What is the profile directory?

Go to, (logged out if you are a user there), you will see 'Discover Users'. Click this to see their users.

You are opted out from profile directory by default, you can enable this in your settings.

Unfortunately, we cannot have a private user directory, if it's on, it must be public. I'm leaving it on, but keep this in mind if you have opted in already.

Next topic: Public timelines.

Timelines 3/? 

There is a local timeline and federated timeline. These are different from your home, as your home is just content from who you follow.

Local is all stuff posted my shangri-la users, federated includes stuff that gets pulled into our instance (caused by us interacting with other instances).

We have the option of allowing either our local or federated timeline on our landing page to people not logged in.

It's disabled for now. Not sure we need this.

Posting Privacy 4/? 

Wanted to clarify difference between public and unlisted.

Public will show up on the local/federated timelines, and possibly other instance's federated timelines.

Unlisted means no timelines, but is still on your profile for all to see.

In case this isn't clear: wanted to let you know anyone can read your public and unlisted toots by going to without logging in.

Use followers-only toots if you want, which can be paired with approving followers.

How is the stuff chosen in federated timeline? 5/? 

This is a complicating topic, I have little idea, but will share from my research.

The idea is that if anyone here interacts with a toot out of instance, it will be imported. If we follow someone, their toots/interacts are imported.

It does not just mass funnel toots from federated (connected) instances, as that would be too heavy on servers I guess.

Next toot will have some details explained I found in a github issue lol.

How is the stuff chosen in federated timeline Pt 2? 6/? 

toots imported if:
- someone here follows person who posted, at the time it was posted
- someone that someone here follows boosts or replies to that toot
- under some conditions, if that toot is a reply to someone that someone here follows
- it mentions anyone here
- it was a pinned toot when the author is discovered by someone here
- someone here manually fetches a toot (by pasting the toot to the search bar)


Moderation and Code of Conduct? 7/? 

At some point we may want to define a code of conduct to define what is appropriate and not for the shangri-la instance.

I think we're so small that this isn't a big deal atm, not to mention we got nice peeps here. (If anybody wants to draft something tho feel free).

It is possible we may start getting things we don't want in our federated timeline. It could be nice to communicate to external users what will not be tolerated when talking to our instance.

Moderation and Code of Conduct? Pt2 8/? 

Anywho, if you see something you don't want to see on the federated timeline:

You can always mute/block, but if it's something you think others don't want to see either, you may as well report.

We can silence users from our timeline (so we could only see their toots if we followed directly).

Also have the heavy hammer of de-federating an entire instance if it's a fundamentally incompatible community.

btw if anyone spots things they think are incorrect here definitely lmk, things are a bit confusing.

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