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This server was only recently setup, may have some hiccups. Please let me know if you have any issues or requests!

What this place is is largely undefined, you have the opportunity to shape the culture and norms here. check out for some inspiration on what DIY social media could be.


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@thekitchensink that could be a whole lot of 🅱️. Is it sustainable?

@etc597 @thekitchensink

Wait, is a 🅱️ eto in sup🅱️ ort of the 🅱️ movement or against it?

@max @thekitchensink The 🅱️eto would be against the 🅱️ movement.

@etc597 @thekitchensink
Understood lol. I don't think we need to mandating the :b:, but if anyone following the order of the :b: wants to :b: every toot in devotion, be my guest!

@max @thekitchensink lol yeah I like it as a meme I just don’t want it to 🅱️ enforced, yknow?

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