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I have a strong impulse to spam music links but I don't know if I want my toots to be too flooded in case people don't care lol.

Thought about making a second account but I think I'll just tag it with -music or some unique hashtag so it can be muted if desired.

(So please do so if you feel inclined lol. Opening the floodgates)

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Gonna start a thread talking about privacy/visibility settings and behavior in mastodon, and details of how the federation timeline pulls toots afaiu so far.

Would recommend reading the first part at least as I'd like some input on our instance's defaults. Gonna tryout cw to organize info, sorry if it sucks.


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Welcome to!

This server was only recently setup, may have some hiccups. Please let me know if you have any issues or requests!

What this place is is largely undefined, you have the opportunity to shape the culture and norms here. check out for some inspiration on what DIY social media could be.


spent half an hour trying to get the HMD to be detected my steamVR. The link box has orange highlighted ports on one side, and not the other. I had inputs/outputs reversed.

VR makes me feel so dumb lol.

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my dumb ass just found out the HTV vive has lens distance knobs on it. They were not adjusted evenly. Explains why I find VR so uncomfortable lmao.

Ok so I disabled elasticsearch until I have time to figure out why it eats all shangri-la's memory.

You won't be able to search text in your toots. Hashtags and stuff should still work though.

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And we're back. Sorry for the , seems like server was in trouble for a few hours this morning.

I'm incredibly excited to announce that Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game now has a public quickstart available for free!! Check this thread for more info!!

cw body horror, but like, really fucking cool and good body horror

I'm on depop and they have a "style edit" which is what the algorithm thinks I would like.

Of the 27 garments, 9 of them are Scooby-Doo related.

I'm not sure why... but I think they really want me to buy some Scooby-Doo merch.

so I downloaded Godot and opened the platformer 2D example project, let me say the music in this game is a real banger.

I'm trying to figure out what song it is lol

Tales from Space Station 13 

Unfortunately she should have cared, and the captain too- they hadn't arrested me because I had only successfully converted willing subjects into my thralls.
So I'm still slacking off when I wander into the radio station and the clown is there. The Clown is a mythological creature- and I wanted them in my thrall. As soon as I walk in they immediately go "Oh hey there! Aren't you the one who tried to kill that person?"
So we had a ratio Interview With a Vampire, explaining how I crave the blood of "the innocent" which is why I wanted the very nice girl I tried to eat at the Space Diner. That obviously a clown would be disgusting, considering this, which they enthusiastically agreed with.
We talk about my origin (NT experiment gone wrong) and I go to make my move, I grab a record and put it on and name the track "I'm Eating The Clown". I flash him and use my vampire powers to drain and thrall him while this one guy is freaking out. That guy gets the captain in there, but he clown is already my thrall, and he's really annoyed. After I order him to tell the captain it was consensual, out loud, the captain is somewhat unconvinced about "Posthumorously-Consensual" and tells me I'm in big trouble if anyone else gets thralled.
But then the changeling shows up, who is the geneticst who was feeding me monkeys. So we mob the captain and get him draining but I wiff my chokehold and he gets out and fucking survives.
I escape with my powers and come back overs and over again. I manage to get on the escape shuttle in a submarine (underwater map) which the captain blows up and finally everyone beats me to death as I use my "escape stun" power to disgustingly squirm around the shuttle as everyone blasts and beats me (and each other) to death.
All in all, best vampire round I've ever had.
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